This is a place for me to share my thoughts, reactions, and experiences as a student of dance. It is a place for recent photos, links to videos, written thoughts, and more. This blog is an opportunity for me to share my journey. As I continue to grow my blog will develop and change, and I invite those changes. I look forward to seeing where my dance journey takes me, as I broaden my expertise throughout the years.




Studying My Compositional Desires

This semester I embarked on many choreographic escapades. Throughout my third year as a BFA student I took Music and Choreography under Daniel Roberts, Group Forms under Ann Sofie Clemmensen, and worked on my own choreography through the construction of a self-choreographed solo using Motif structuring. Through both my solo Of Stillness (2017) and work … Continue reading

A Study in Process

For my final project in Music and Choreography I was instructed to create a 3-4minute group piece with 3-4 dancers acknowledging a clear relationship of movement to music. I was able to use a process for creating that suited me best; my only guideline was to use an image I drew for a different class … Continue reading

A Body Practice: Intermedia Reflections

Aug. 29, 2016 Course goals/expectations: For this course I am excited to create (figure out) a working “elevator speech” definition of intermedia. I look forward to composing movement in a way that works to question spectatorship, power, and what the heck the point is for the movement that is lived or performed. I hope to … Continue reading

The Audience Always Participates

  October 2016 – Leap Before You Look: Black Mountain MiniEvent (performed in the Wexner Center Gallery) October 2016 – Manual Cinema: Ada/Ava (performed in the Wexner Performance Space) November 2016 – Eastman/Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui: Fractus V (performed in the Speaker Jo Ann Davidson Theatre at the Riffe Center) I have had the fortune to … Continue reading

More Comp Tools: Minimalism and Repetition

This mid-semester composition study for my Music and Choreography course had me playing with ideas of minimalism and repetition. From this experimentation I played with how a smaller quantity of movement material could still work to make an entire piece arch. Click HERE to view my full study!

Looking at the Music-to-Movement Relationship

As a part of my focus curriculum I am taking Music and Choreography, a composition course looking to explore the ways in which music and movement interact in space and time. I took the course because I am very much a person who understands based off of visual and kinesthetic information, less so with aural. … Continue reading

Healthy Living: the Working Balance of Body and Mind

As a dancer I aim to find balance and healthy living throughout my everyday practice. Healthy living for me means balancing body and mind. I believe that too often people think of themselves as carriers for brains rather than holistic beings. To me, especially as a dancer, healthy living comes by accepting oneself as both … Continue reading