Healthy Living: the Working Balance of Body and Mind

As a dancer I aim to find balance and healthy living throughout my everyday practice. Healthy living for me means balancing body and mind. I believe that too often people think of themselves as carriers for brains rather than holistic beings. To me, especially as a dancer, healthy living comes by accepting oneself as both an intellectual person and a physical mover.

In dance we use movement improvisation as a way to fully utilize both body and mind because we see it as the purest expression of the whole self. Movement is the body’s first language, it is your first system of communicating with the world around you. Dance improvisation is then the visual manifestation of your first, and most individualistic language. screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-11-33-06-pm

To formalize this constant exercise of both body and mind through improvisation, I have begun to create a movement solo formed by effort, physicality, and motif movement analytics. Motif, one of few dance notation systems, uses symbols that correlate to specific actions or parts of the body to dictate movement. I use scores of these symbols to guide my movement improvisations in the creative process. I exercise my intellect and exhaust my physicality.

My goal is to continue this practice of working balance between body and mind as I complete this solo. I will achieve my health goals by creating 4-5 minutes of solo material that when danced, will make me SWEAT. I then want to take my work to the 2017 American College Dance Association conference so I may advocate for healthy living and the balanced self at a venue with other college dancers and professionals. This grant would help pay for that experience.

Balanced exercise of body and mind is the central tenet of healthy living, and it is my dream to share this knowledge with others.