Experiences in GarageBand

These last couple of weeks in Seminar we have been learning how to create music in GarageBand. We have been taught how to incorporate loops as well as sound from freesound.com for music. In the first couple of sessions our class learned how to use GarageBand tools, and we investigated how to actualize our sound visions. After this we were introduced to soundscapes, the background noises that compose a scene. (Spoiler alert the horse galloping noises, and other scenery sounds, you hear in movies and TV shows are made artificially.) With this information we were asked to compose a scene, transporting listeners into the world of your soundscape. And finally, we were asked to put both of these music aspects now available to us into a single project.

For my final sound project I played with creating an atmospheric mood. I used mostly sound from freesound, but with added looping techniques to enhance the overall quality. These classes have helped me to listen more efficiently to the sounds around me, and I believe that learning how to create music has boosted my understanding of the relationship between music and dance. This was an entirely new experience for me, and I enjoyed learning the techniques behind music creation. I look forward to further my work in this field as we continue working in GarageBand through our Dance for Camera lessons.


Dance: A Never-Ending Topic of Research

This past week, our Seminar class has had different faculty members come in to talk about their research, and about dance research in general. We heard from Harmony Bench, Bebe Miller, Norah Zuniga Shaw, and Candace Feck. Each person was equally excited about their research, and each project was entirely different. And the range shown in the research opportunities through dance was the most important thing that I have taken away from this week. Hearing from these artists, I am reassured that there will always be something new to explore in the dance field and a way to dive as deep as I want to answer any question. The dance research lectures have inspired me to question dance in every way I can. Whether that means asking how I can move in a new way or taking a critical eye to dance as an institution, every part of this thing that I love deserves proper analysis. Continue reading