A Study of Textures

Summer 2015



Spring Textures

As I am edging on the end of the semester, it is beginning to feel like spring outside. And while it is still a little brisk for my springtime tastes, flowers are blooming, the grass is green, and the sun is usually out. So on my walk to Sullivant Hall, where I went to film some of my projects for Freshmen Composition 1 (videos to be posted shortly), I took some pictures of the spring textures. With a little Photoshop fun, I played around to make the textures shine. Continue reading

A Little Bit of Photoshop

This past weekend I had a little bit of time on my hands. I had woken up too early to just get ready for a tech rehearsal for OhioDance Festival (April 25, 2015), I performed Lyndsey Vader’s “Intrinsic Architype” later that evening, yet I woke up too late to dig into finals studying. So with this little piece of extra time, I played around on Photoshop. Here’s the product.


Poster Work in Photoshop


For the past week I have been working on creating posters for the Freshman Seminar event “Fieldwork”. Here are two options I have made that I think embody the event. I have had some experience with photoshop before, so I here was able to play with what I knew as well as experiment with newfound tools. I found that when making a poster, a piece of art that is informative towards a specific event, it was important to think of the text and photo as one whole. Having an image that would draw in a reader as well as incorporating the necessary text that would inform that reader was a difficult task, but it was a fun task to overcome. I am proud of the work I produced, and I look forward to creating more art on photoshop.