Teaching Class: a Lesson in Dance Pedagogy

To finish off our year in Freshman Seminar, we have been learning about dance pedagogy (teaching dance). This has been a great lesson for all of us, because even though some members of my class have taught dance classes at their studios or otherwise, it has been helpful to take a collegiate approach on the subject.IMG_3144

When given the assignment “teach your classmates a dance class”, we were told to break into groups of 2 or 3 students and work collaboratively to design and structure content to teach. I was accompanied by my classmates Amy Allen and Natalie Newman in this task of teaching, and we decided to make a class aimed towards an “advanced 14 to 16-year-old” group. We began constructing our course by reflecting upon subjects that we had learned throughout the year, as freshmen in college. We wanted to create a class that introduced ideas that we all wish we had been able to grasp earlier in our dance experiences (namely concepts we wish we knew when we were 14-16). We decided upon “understanding space as three-dimensional” and “initiation points of movement” as the two main ideas to center our class.

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Dance Experienced Around the World

I recently got the privilege to speak to Franziska Kusebauch, a German dance artist currently living in Sweden. As a class, each of the freshman dance majors was assigned an artist to talk to. We were to interview our artist and give a presentation to the class about them. So saturday morning November 8th, Franziska and I Skyped. I learned a lot about Franziska Kusebauch through our interview, and I was inspired by her ways of viewing dance. Continue reading