More Comp Tools: Minimalism and Repetition

This mid-semester composition study for my Music and Choreography course had me playing with ideas of minimalism and repetition. From this experimentation I played with how a smaller quantity of movement material could still work to make an entire piece arch.

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Thoughtfully Composing: My Final Comp Study

I started this process, for making my final solo study, with the intent to work outside of my comfort zone. I wanted to play with the creation of movement patterns that went against my tendencies, but my main focused was to compose along the lines of a process in which I highly edited my work. Normally when I set out to make movement I start in one place and I move until I feel I have satisfied whatever idea I was exploring. I move through one big phrase until I’m done. From there I may tweak a couple steps, redirect a couple facings and change a few dynamics, but overall I keep the order and all movements of the “thing” the same. So what I set out to do with this study, as my Final Study for Composition 2, was work by creating a couple separate chunked phrases which I would then edit to compose my solo.

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Sullivant Steps: a Site-Specific Work

In Composition 1 class, taught by Michael Kelly Bruce, I was tasked to create a site-specific work within the Sullivant Hall building on The Ohio State University’s campus. I chose to work with the granite steps leading up to the Cartoon Library. The coloring of the stone paired with the simple architecture made for a stunning space, and the stairs created an unconventional stage that gave the piece texture.

For this work I chose to create an improvisational score, a base structure of tasks and qualities that fuel and inspire a dancer’s movement. I asked three dancers to work within the structure I created. My structure was this:

One dancer would travel down the stairs, moving quickly and more specifically, inspired mostly by the architecture of the space.

Two dancers would travel up the stairs, moving smoothly and slowly in a more minimalistic manner.

The three dancers would eventually meet in the center and meld together, playing with the space in between each other as well as with the stairs themselves.

They would break apart, and one dancer would continue down the steps as the other two continued up.

They would reach the end of the staircase and walk away.

And because this was a site-specific work I gave my audience permission to watch the dance from any angle, below the stairs, at the top of the stairs, or even right in the middle of the dance. I allowed them free reign to do as they pleased as the dancers worked through their score.

It was fun to create and watch my improvisational score being performed by others, as most of the composition I have done in the past has been works of set choreography. This was a new experience for me, but something that I definitely want to work with in the future.

Because I was unable to film the original version of I have attached two videos of myself dancing the different parts. In one you see the role of the dancer going down the steps and in the other you see both dancers traveling up the steps, both parts omitting the group melding section of the score. These are informal videos, done with a little bit of editing for an alternate perspective of the piece as a whole.

Dance for Camera: Being the Filmmaker

Here is my video from the filmmaker side of Dance for Camera. This is something that I have never done before, so the project was a fun experience. I learned of a whole new side dance can take. What struck me as interesting while making this film was that I was not trying to create a story, but a story evolved through my video editing process. Continue reading

Dancing for Camera: My Experience as the Subject

For our Seminar course, my class was presented with the task of creating a dance film. We learned about Dance for Camera, how this art form melds the choreographic choices of the dancer with the choreographic choices of the filmmaker, and we were shown examples of Dance for Camera videos by members both in and out of our department. I created a film myself (which I will be posting shortly), but I also got the chance to dance for my classmate’s film. Continue reading