Teaching Class: a Lesson in Dance Pedagogy

To finish off our year in Freshman Seminar, we have been learning about dance pedagogy (teaching dance). This has been a great lesson for all of us, because even though some members of my class have taught dance classes at their studios or otherwise, it has been helpful to take a collegiate approach on the subject.IMG_3144

When given the assignment “teach your classmates a dance class”, we were told to break into groups of 2 or 3 students and work collaboratively to design and structure content to teach. I was accompanied by my classmates Amy Allen and Natalie Newman in this task of teaching, and we decided to make a class aimed towards an “advanced 14 to 16-year-old” group. We began constructing our course by reflecting upon subjects that we had learned throughout the year, as freshmen in college. We wanted to create a class that introduced ideas that we all wish we had been able to grasp earlier in our dance experiences (namely concepts we wish we knew when we were 14-16). We decided upon “understanding space as three-dimensional” and “initiation points of movement” as the two main ideas to center our class.

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Dance for Camera: Being the Filmmaker

Here is my video from the filmmaker side of Dance for Camera. This is something that I have never done before, so the project was a fun experience. I learned of a whole new side dance can take. What struck me as interesting while making this film was that I was not trying to create a story, but a story evolved through my video editing process. Continue reading

Dancing for Camera: My Experience as the Subject

For our Seminar course, my class was presented with the task of creating a dance film. We learned about Dance for Camera, how this art form melds the choreographic choices of the dancer with the choreographic choices of the filmmaker, and we were shown examples of Dance for Camera videos by members both in and out of our department. I created a film myself (which I will be posting shortly), but I also got the chance to dance for my classmate’s film. Continue reading

Conducting the One Hour Study: My research experience

I recently conducted a dance research experiment, formulating a hypothesis to guide a study of the body in 60 minutes. For my study I wanted to use long exposure photography to track movement over time. For my specific research I chose to photograph a small phrase, and then retrograde the same phrase (dancing it from end to start rather than start to end) and take a photograph of that movement. I wanted to see if the two images, one dancing start to finish and the other finish to start, created the same movement picture. And with this study I hypothesized that my pairs of images would look the same. In an earlier post I have created a gallery with the 20 images my study created.


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Dance Experienced Around the World

I recently got the privilege to speak to Franziska Kusebauch, a German dance artist currently living in Sweden. As a class, each of the freshman dance majors was assigned an artist to talk to. We were to interview our artist and give a presentation to the class about them. So saturday morning November 8th, Franziska and I Skyped. I learned a lot about Franziska Kusebauch through our interview, and I was inspired by her ways of viewing dance. Continue reading