“Tanzträume” (Dancing Dreams) and the Onset of Many Questions

After Fall Break (a much needed time for rest newly incorporated into OSU’s fall schedule) my class watched Tanzträume or Dancing Dreams. This film, which documents the staging of Pina Bausch’s “Kontakthof” (Contact Zone) on 40 teens who had never before heard her name, brought me to ask myself many questions related to dance, leadership and experience. I have thought about all of them; I have answered none of them. In the order in which they came to me throughout the film, these are my questions:

What is composition?

What are your interests?

What do you want to explore?

Can you translate (truly) your own experience on another body?

How do you get others to dance a certain way while still allowing them to experience and explore on their own?

Can you love movement as much as I do?

What is a non-dancer’s connection to movement?

How do you let yourself be free?

Giving 100% of yourself in every moment… is that possible?

Are you born with confidence?

Is imagery my answer?

How do you get over nerves and just be you?

How do you inspire others to become fully invested in your work? In you? In your voice and your message?

Do you need to know the meaning of movement to have a connection to it?

How do you get others to drop their borders?

How long does it take to establish trust?

What is the relationship between: the look versus the feel of movement? the audience versus the dancer interpretation? what we want versus don’t want to do? meaning versus none?

Each of these questions I am continuing to consider throughout my classes and time outside of the studio. I do not yet have the answers, and I believe that even if I did have one pertaining to each question, that answer would change as I continue to grow.


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