Dancing for Camera: My Experience as the Subject

For our Seminar course, my class was presented with the task of creating a dance film. We learned about Dance for Camera, how this art form melds the choreographic choices of the dancer with the choreographic choices of the filmmaker, and we were shown examples of Dance for Camera videos by members both in and out of our department. I created a film myself (which I will be posting shortly), but I also got the chance to dance for my classmate’s film.

Anna Gaia Vomacka and I worked on our projects together, she dances in my film as I dance in hers, and it was wonderful to get to experience both sides of the Dance for Camera process. As the dancer, the subject of the film, I was given different improvisational tasks to inspire my movement. Amongst many were to embody smoother qualities, to articulate my back, to feel sensation in my fingertips, and to jerk my hair around. Being outdoors (on one of the first days of spring) was a nice, and I noticed that the crisp spring air paired with the peppy sounds of chirping birds worked to inform my movement.

Anna saw a storyline in this area we found, and here is what she created. Enjoy!


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